MONA artbronze


MONA, an art bronze jewelry brand, was established in 2016. MONA art bronze jewelry brand is a creative work of art created by an artist Marina Gevorgyan.

The bronze jewelries are made by vacuum casting following a number of consecutive processes, like the making of the model, foundry, then treatment leading to the final design and image by the author.

Jewelries are original, creative — small sculptures, works of art. MONA creates unique high-end jewelries with free style, sincere attitude, literate and full of artistry. Bronze jewelries are made from one copy. The author's principle is to create one piece of jewelry for one buyer.

Each piece is original and unique, created exclusively by hand. Bronze ornaments are made in one copy and are non-repetitive. All compositions are done by the author and all are exclusive.

The artist has chosen to work with Bronze, a material that has a centuries-old heritage. As a source of inspiration, she chose simple and genuine, and at the same time superb spiritual material and forms dating back to the earliest Bronze Age sources. She restores and recreates the original state of the material, breathing life to her creations.

The buyer of the Brand appreciates the originality and uniqueness of the pieces. The MONA art bronze Brand is very different from the assortment on the market by its unique creation technique, making it an exclusive work of art. The customers of the Brand are people who admire high value, beautiful, unique shapes and styles, and have a taste for historical and cultural pieces. Bronze jewelry is exquisite and unique works of art that are lovingly worn on different occasions.

Handmade jewelry pieces are currently becoming very popular.

MONA art bronze jewelry is widely recognized and loved for its unique aesthetic, high quality, unique style and approach.