Matit Notebooks


Established in 2021, our brand emerged from the shared experiences of young individuals within our community who grapple with the challenge of time management. Juggling various responsibilities, we found ourselves using multiple notebooks for distinct purposes, from daily planning to sketching out long-term goals and strategies. Yet, we encountered a recurring issue: the lack of customizable sections tailored to our specific needs. Despite searching online for guidance, relevant resources were often scarce.

Recognizing this gap in the Armenian market, we set out to create a solution. Unlike existing alternatives such as traditional notebooks, our brand is committed to providing comprehensive planners that integrate all necessary tools within a single book. Our mission is clear: to empower individuals to manage their time effectively, boost productivity, and alleviate stress. Through a blend of practical planning features and creative activities, our planners are designed to highlight the importance of aligning daily, monthly, and yearly goals for optimal success. Building on this vision, one year later, we expanded our product line to include meeting minutes, followed by sketchbooks, and finally dotted notebooks. Each addition reflects our ongoing dedication to meeting the diverse needs of our customers while maintaining our core values of organization, productivity, and creativity.